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What is it?[edit]

Bold & Gold is a biosorption activated media (BAM) for pollution control developed by the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida. It can be used to achieve nitrogen and phosphorus reduction in stormwater, wastewater and agricultural applications such as retention basins, swales and rain gardens, urban gardens and soil cells, permeable pavements, green roofs, filter strips and more. Bold & Gold is composed of a patented blend of mineral materials, sand, and clay.

How is it being used?[edit]

Bold & Gold Filtration Media is currently being used in experimental projects in North Carolina to evaluate nutrient reduction capabilities. No projects that used Bold & Gold were found in Ontario, however, it has been used for projects such as an upflow filter chamber following a detention pond, a commercial green roof in Florida, and a subsurface upflow wetland filter for nutrient removal. [1] Filtration Media Specifications and Typical Cross Sections are provided on the Bold & Gold website.


The results of a study by Hood, Chopra, and Wanielista provided promising results for the use of Bold & Gold for phosphorus removal. In field scale testing, Bold & Gold had a 71% removal efficiency of total phosphorus. This was compared to sandy soil which had many negative values, indicating significant leaching of total phosphorus from the sod. The average Soluble Reactive Phosphorus (phosphorus that is readily available to plants and algae) removal efficiency was 95%. Overall, the Bold & Gold system performed much better when compared to a sandy soil bio-filtration system. [2]

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