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Fact Sheet example for Enhanced Grass Swales


Please find below a collection of the most common LID Best Management Practices for both Development, Planning and Design. These fact sheets provide helpful details on:

  • Design Considerations
    • Geometry and Site Layout
    • Pre-Treatment (if applicable)
    • Conveyance and Overflow
    • Proper Landscaping Techniques
    • Access Structures, etc.
  • Construction
    • Soil Disturbance and Compaction
    • Erosion Sediment Control (ESC)
    • Excavation
    • Base Construction (if applicable), etc.
  • Planning Considerations
    • Soil
    • Wellhead Protection (if applicable)
    • Karst (if applicable)
    • Site Topography
    • Setback Distances
    • Proximity to Underground Utilities, etc.

The fact sheets also include helpful details on overall, general specifications associated with key materials of the given LID installation, associated pictures, plan and profile views of LID cross section schematics, etc. These fact sheets are to be used to help practitioners understand the benefits and key details associated with the implementation of these various LID practices and offers a great introductory look into appropriate LID practices for their given needs. Further technical details can be found on the corresponding LID practices wikipages hyperlinked below the clickable buttons housing the fact sheets below.

Exfiltration Systems[edit]


Read more about *Exfiltration trenches

Infiltration Trenches/Chambers & Soakaways[edit]

Soakaways infiltration

Read more about *Infiltration chambers & *Infiltration trenches



Read more about *Bioretention & *Stormwater planters

Green Roof[edit]


Read more about *Green roofs

Permeable Pavements[edit]

P.P Pic.png

Read more about *Permeable pavements

Rainwater Harvesting[edit]


Read more about *Rainwater harvesting

Enhanced Swales[edit]

Enhanced swale.png

Read more about *Enhanced swales, Bioswales & *Swales

Better Site Design[edit]

Site design.png

Read more about *Better site design

Stormwater Tree Trenches[edit]


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